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Compulsory Breed Inspections

The NBBS has a compulsory system of inspection in place and an animal has to pass this inspection in order to be registered as a Namibian Brahman. These inspections are carried out by trained inspectors that judge the animal on a set range of criteria to determine if the animal meets the minimum breed standards. Annual judges conferences are held where these criteria are reviewed and where the past years inspections are scrutinized to determine where changes and refinement is needed and also to evaluate the inspectors. Training days are held annually where new inspectors are trained and where current inspectors have a chance to hone their skills. These days are also used to implement and inform inspectors about changes in inspection criteria and if there are special areas that need to be focused on.

The NBBS sees these compulsory inspections as an invaluable part of the service that the society provides, as it not only insures that structurally sound animals are recorded in the herd book, but it also provides an opportunity for breeders to interact with qualified people about their cattle and breeding practices. Breeders are encouraged to make use of this service and to discuss any problems in their breeding program with the inspectors. It is only through this collective sharing of knowledge and ideas that the Brahman breed can keep its position as market leader in Namibia and rise to the challenges of tomorrow.


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