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January 2011 - Judges and Selectors Conference
A very successful and productive Judges and Selectors Conference was held on 18 and 19 February 2011 at the farm Westfalenhof (near Okahandja) of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Redecker. These conferences are annual events held at the beginning of each year when selectors and judges identify priorities for the year and demonstrate those critical aspects during practical kraal sessions.

Amongst the mountains of a green and wet Khomas-Hochland events of 2010 were analysed and plans for 2011 were finalized.

Breed objects and breeding values were thoroughly deliberated. Show Judging was given clear guidelines by means of a most helpful document prepared during 2010 prior to the Windhoek Show by Mr. Claus Duvel and the late Mr. Jan De Wet. A valued last directive from Oom Jan to those younger generations who`ll have to follow in his footsteps.

Selection for 2011 was discussed at length with selectors taking two important messages to our breeders: firstly, Appendix A is open and breeders should present cattle eligible for recording in Appendix A to selectors and secondly, selectors will identify bulls for participation in the Brahman National Auction during selection visits.

After contributions from a number of local veterinarians were received, norms for minimum scrotum circumferences were established. These norms would in future be applied at selection and during judging and will contribute positively to the improvement of herd fertility.

It was decided that all bulls offered for sale at the Brahman National Auction shall in future be required to have had DNA-confirmation of parentage (sire) and be proven free of Trichomoniases and Vibriosis.

Performance Testing Awards (Silver, Gold, Platinumand & Diamond) have been confirmed and breeders shall in future be rewarded by means of these awards for their participation in performance testing.

Our theme for 2011 is `The Economical Value of Herd Fertility` which will be launched at the Breeders Day at farm Okanjete of Mr Rynand Mudge on 14 April 2011.

The conference was concluded with practical kraal sessions during which the beautiful Redecker cattle were used to illustrate the various discussion points.


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