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March 2011 - Elenriede Deliberations
A historic meeting between the Board of the Brahman Cattle Breeders Society of South Africa and their Namibian counterparts took place during the weekend of 4 tot 6 March 2011 on the farm Elenriede of Mr. Ryno van der Merwe.

The South African delegation consisted of Mr Willie Becker (Chairman), Mr Johan Olivier (CEO) and Board members Messrs Linde Du Plessis, Joe Scholtz and Wayne Porter.

The Namibian delegation was led by Mr Mecki Schneider (President) accompanied by Messrs Ryno Van Der Merwe, Jorg Schloder, Ebbie Fischer and Andre Compion.

The meeting was arranged to discuss matters of common interest, to contemplate the position of the Brahman breed in Southern Africa and to strengthen existing ties between the two organizations.

Despite the South Africans` arrival at Elenriede in the dead of night after various flight delays the discussions took place in an atmosphere of unity, like-mindedness and honesty. The Brahman breed in general and the responsibilities of the two Breeders Societies in particular were thoroughly deliberated to ensure that those matters in need of intervention did indeed receive the required attention on both sides of the Orange River.

The Brahman breed has, due to its extreme hardiness, adaptability and leading role in F1-production and crossbreeding, established itself as the market leader in both South African and Namibian beef production systems. Both delegations are in agreement as to what type of Brahman should be bred in Southern Africa.

The Brahman World Congress will be held in South Africa in 2014 and by virtue of the South African`s invitation, Namibia will have a significant presence at and involvement in the event. This event should open doors to the international Brahman breeders` community for Namibian breeders.

Saturday`s deliberations were concluded along the banks of the Nossob River amidst the green Kalahari pastures which left an indelible impression on our guests- and which reconfirmed to us the privilege we enjoy of farming in such a wonderful country, Namibia. We look forward to build further on the foundation of friendship and cooperation that was established during this memorable weekend.


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